CR2 Photo Recovery Software : Restores Corrupt or Lost Photos

As one of the well known digital camera, Canon cameras has got tremendous praise from different customers for its fashion, stylish look, coziness, best technology with high performance. The bulk number of images of this digital camera get saved in RAW photo format that are CR2 and CRW. These RAW file contain informative and processed data that comes from the image sensor of Canon digital camera. But however the CR2 and CRW photo file format can become inaccessible or lost and so that users suffers from worry and loss. The problem are incurred in your precious photos when any user processes some of the following situations. These are:

  • Sudden pulling of storage media while camera is saving or processing photos.
  • Accidental deletion of photos.
  • Unfortunate formatting of memory card in your Canon Camera.
  • RAW file format damage.
  • Sudden power off during camera is processing any switched work.
  • Photo files become inaccessible due to mishandling of memory card.
  • Memory card corruption or damage and many more reason.

All these calamitous corruption and lost, even so, user doesn't need to get frustrated or worry, as because all those photos can be recovered back to your memory card with the use of CR2 Photo Recovery Software that is very capable to recover lost or corrupted CR2 and CRW photo image files quickly and in secure manner. The CR2 Photo Recovery Software is a reliable photo recovery solution for those who want to recover photos, audios or even videos that get lost due any of the mentioned reason like accidental deletion or corruption, from your SD card, PC, USB Drive and any other memory device. This software also provides many other several features like as:

  • Provide secure Recovery.
  • Provides Deep scanning with best quality algorithm.
  • Generate preview of retrieved photos before recovering them.
  • Automatic save option to specified and defined files or folder.

Supporting Photo File format:

The CR2 Photo Recovery Software support CR2 as well as CRW file format as well as also capable and work for other photo file format like as NEF, MRW, DCR, GIF and many related others. This software is very effective and efficient for photo recovery from MAC and Windows as well. So, using this software, you can efficiently perform secure photo recovery of several photo file formats.

Supporting Video File format:

This CR2 Photo Recovery Software also support and help to recover some of the video file format like as 3GP, MP4 and other related file format on Windows and MOV, FLV and others on MAC operating system. Now, with the help of this effective software, users can recover lost videos easily as well as safely.


Supporting Audio File Formats:

The CR2 Photo Recovery Software recover and support some of the audio file format like as WMA, AIF and other on MAC, and ARW file format on Windows operating system. These Audio file format can be easily recovered by this software.

Supporting Memory Card:

CR2 Photo Recovery Software can recover photos, videos and audios from SD cards as well as also support other storing devices like as memory stick, XD card, FireWire, Smart-media, ZIP disk,various Hard disk, USB disks, etc. For the easy recovery of formatted or corrupted memory card files or several other storage media, any one can conveniently use this tool.

Supporting Camera Models:-

The CR2 Photo Recovery Software almost support entire Canon digital Camera model including Canon EOS 10D, Canon EOS 20D, Canon EOS 30D, Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL, Canon EOS 500D, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS D60, Canon EOS Kiss Digital F, Canon EOS-1D Mark II and many other. Use this reliable software for safe and secure recovery of your lost or corrupted photos, videos ore even audios back to your storage media and make your precious memories accessible again.

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How To Recover different photo file formats

User Guide for Mac

CR2 Recovery : User Guide for Mac

Step 1 - Download and Launch the software. Now connect the media devices as camera, SD cards, USB drives to the system. Now click on the 'Start Scan' icom that is found below the Data Recovery Tab.

Step 2 - List of all the drives and logical volumes will appear on the Screen. Here you can select the volume or drive that has to be recovered and now click on the 'Start Scan' or 'Advanced Scan' option that will recover all youe lost audio, video, images easily.

Step 3 - After clicking on the 'Advanced Scan' option, a 'File list' tab will display all the of different supported camera specific file formats.Select the file type for recovery and then click on 'Start Scan' option to start the scanning process to recover all the lost data.

Step 4 - This will complete the scanning process and all the recovered files will be listed on the left hand side in a seperate folders according to their category that is audio, video, images etc. All the files will be listed in the right-bottom pane and here you can preview the recovered files in the upper-right pane to see the preview.

Step 5 -Select all the files that have to be recovered and then click on the 'Recover' button to save all of them. A dialog Box will appear on the screen that will allow to browse the desired location of the recovered data by clicking on the 'Choose' option.

Step 6 - Finally,it will save all the data that has to be recovered and the saving process will appear on the progress bar in the bottom of the screen.

User Guide for Windows

CR2 Recovery : User Guide for Windows

Step 1- Download and Install the Software and Attach the media for recovery to the computer. Click on the 'Recover Photo,Video & Audio' option that appears on the main interface of the software.

Step 2-Select the drive from which recovery is to be done.Click on the 'Start Now' option that will start the recovery

Step 3:-'Advance Scan' option lets you customize the recovery depending on file types.

Step 4:- After that you can preview the recovered data in three different styles that is Cover Flow Files, Thumbnail View, and List View.

Step 5:- A dialouge Box will appear on the screen that will ask the user for the desired location for saving the recovered files. Once the user specify the location all the data will be saved.